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TREATMENT: Relax expressive wrinkles: forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet and beyond. Skin365 is staffed by highly experienced cosmetic injectors with advanced skill level and educators for Allergan & Galderma. Areas: 11’s, brow furrow, forehead, crowfeet, nose, bunny lines, vertical lip lines, gummy smile, masseters, neck bands, under arms for sweating, chin dimpling Cost: Depends on amount of units and areas treated - with a range between ~$200 - $800

REATMENT: Botox + Dermal Filler (Juvederm Family: Volbella, Vollure, Voluma, Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus) (Restylane Family: Silk, Restylane Classic, Lyft, Refyne and Defyne). This is what we refer to as a 'COMBO Treatment'. COST: ~$400 and up

TREATMENT: Darkness under the eyes may or may not be corrected by dermal filler. Call for a consultation and allow us to assess if filler can help you. Hollowing does create a shadow and once the hollow is filled the shadowing is lessened. Cost: $700 and up

TREATMENT: Juvederm Voluma corrects the natural aging loss of volume in the cheeks and creates a subtle lift. COST: $1000 for treatment includes 1 syringe of Voluma*. Alternative dermal fillers: Defyne $800 or Lyft $800 *more than one syringe may be needed for optimal correction.

TREATMENT: Temporary lip augmentation - try it on for size with Isotonic Solution injection – may last up to 12 hours. COST: $100

TREATMENT: Picking the perfect filler for your lips is what we do best! It's all about choosing the filler that matches the natural tissue in your lips and understanding the anatomy of the face in detail. This treatment includes 1/2 syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC or Restylane-L Classic. Perfect treatment for a 'first timer', asymmetry or to further compliment already enhanced lips. COST: $500 for treatment includes 1/2 syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Refyne or Restylane-L

TREATMENT: Injecting a micro-dose of Botox in the area above the upper lip relaxes the muscle around the mouth just enough to allow the upper lip to appear fuller without the use of fillers. This may be an easy and affordable first step for someone considering lip fillers. For clients that have visible vertical lip lines also known as "smokers lines" or "barcode lines" we may suggest injecting micro-droplets of Botox two weeks before adding dermal filler to the lips. Cost: ~$48 - $120

TREATMENT: We strive to create the most beautiful and natural-looking lips and then taking our time to gently create the perfect look for you. COST: $600 for treatment which includes 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Volbella or Restylane-L

TREATMENT: Enhance the structure and harmony of your face by creating a striking jawline. We all lose volume in our face as we age and the definition of the jawline tends to slide or disappear right into the neck. Adding volume to this area truly creates a more youthful look for both men and women. Cost: $800 and up

TREATMENT: Injectable fillers can subtly but definitively improve facial balance and beauty. Even though they only address one discreet part of the face, the millimeter changes that they make to certain anatomic areas can make the whole face appear more beautiful from top to bottom, resulting in a refreshed, refined and natural look. COST: Discussed after a full assessment ~$600 and up

TREATMENT: Facial injections with dermal filler to activate the elevator muscles of the face which create lift. A theory developed by Dr Harris, based in London, creating a holistic approach for entirely natural-looking results. Facial reshaping can lift the brows, open the eyes and lift the corners of the mouth, improve the jowls and define the chin. Using small aliquots of filler stimulates the lifting muscles to lift and weakens the facial muscles that pull downward. Injecting is an art & a science. Approaching our patients with a “less is more” approach aligns with the philosophy of Skin365.

TREATMENT: A squared off chin, or wide appearing chin creates a masculine appearance. Adding dermal filler in the right place creates gentle, delicate and more feminine features. Our younger clients often seek this treatment to correct a weak profile - once injected the overall appearance is more attractive. To an aging woman, the chin may start to flatten and sag, once the chin is corrected the marionette lines lift, the chin dimpling disappears and the chin no longer sags into the neck. Cost: $800 and up

TREATMENT: According to research - a prominent male chin is one of the characteristics that's part of the so-called universal facial attractiveness hypothesis. Yeah, that's a thing. Weren't born with a rugged jaw? We have an instant fix for a weak chin – it’s dermal filler. Juvederm Voluma or Defyne are dermal fillers that can create natural chiseled jawline. Cost: $800 and up

TREATMENT: Our experienced injectors can slim your face and jaw, by relaxing the masseter muscle with Botox. Facial slimming will appear ~ 6 weeks after treatment and can help reduce teeth grinding. Cost: $200 - $720 based on assessment and dosage needed.

TREATMENT: Filler in the hands is used like filler in other places, to cause a rejuvenating effect by giving more volume and plumpness to the top area of the hands that have lost volume over time. Plump and smooth the skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and sagging skin. COST: $800 and up

TREATMENT: Botox has been shown to result in an 82-87% decrease in sweating. Botox is injections are very shallow, meaning that the medicine is injected just below the surface of the skin, where it remains. Results start to be noticeable ~2 to 4 days after treatment with the full effects noticed within 2 weeks. Dryness usually lasts 4 to 12 months. Cost: $900 and up

TREATMENT: Sculptra is a poly-L lactic acid that stimulates collagen production – the protein that makes skin look youthfully plump. Expect gradual volumizing over the course of several months. 3-5 sessions may be necessary, scheduled six weeks apart. Recommended: Temporal hollows, eyebrow lift, mid-face augmentation, lateral face lift, wrinkles on the chest.

TREATMENT: Kybella is an injectable fat dissolver made of deoxycholic acid. It’s specifically designed to treat a double chin. It works gradually and usually requires up to six treatments, scheduled six to eight weeks apart. Cost: $600 vial and up

Each of our signature facials includes

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